Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Broken Star... DONE!!!

Last week I celebrated... The Broken Star Quilt that has been hanging around for 30 years is complete!

This project all got started here... Kits are supposed to be helpful.

It progressed here... How to fix a broken star  ... and here... A good challenge  (I mentioned how I hoped that there were no missing pieces... Much the opposite.  Instead there were two extra diamonds!)

... and here... Ups and downs

In all of its imperfection, this quilt is as perfect as I could have ever hoped it would be...

There were 1,152 pieces... every seam was stitched over for the quilting.  In my research most of the broken star quilts had 1/4 inch quilting or stitch-in-the ditch.  Since the majority of the points and seams were a tad off I chose to do wavy stitching over every seam.  

I am fairly confident that my customer is happy with the finished quilt... and that she no longer has to have it tucked away in a closet.  As much of a challenge as this project was to me, I feel I have learned a great deal. 

Sometimes you want perfection, but the best you can hope for is some sort of perfect imperfection. It is still a beautiful quilt despite the problems that I faced... come to think of it this quilt is much like life.  

Cherish life!  

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