Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Great Escape - In Sun Valley

The first day we did the typical tourist thing... we drove around the little towns (Hailey, Ketchum and Sun Valley), visited the various gift shops and just enjoyed the time together.

They are quaint little tourist towns and we happened to be visiting in between their "busy seasons".  

The view of one of the ski areas from the Sun Valley Resort parking lot...

This truck was in the front yard of a residence in Ketchum...  What a crazy looking thing!
The Horse Sculpture was in the town square of Ketchum...

At the intersections that did not have signals, there were crosswalk flags for people to carry as they crossed the street.  As if carrying an orange flag really makes a difference... We witnessed several people using them as they were intended, but we also some teens messing around with them.  One was just waving it as a flag girl in a band would, one was pretending to ride a stick pony across the street, and one... well, I'm not sure what he was doing, but it was interesting to watch!

We also saw several teams of women stopping to organize them neatly on the holders and making sure they were evenly distributed.  We simply shook our heads and giggled.

While visiting an art gallery, it was suggested that we take a scenic drive that involved a two-lane dirt road that went through National Forest land and joined up with a highway that followed the Salmon River.  In all it was to take approximately 4 hours. 

So the next day we packed our cooler and ventured off!  It really was a beautiful drive.

We traveled the dirt road to Hwy 93.  Shortly there after we came across a Historic Site marker...  

 The sign said the epicenter of an an earthquake that opened up a fracture was just a short 2.5 miles down the dirt road... Okay!  Let's go.  We wanted to see the fracture that was 26 miles long and 7 miles deep... 

We came across a fenced area that looked like the picture below, but there was no sign, other than the one that said "No horses in parking lot".  However, that was apparently the site we were to stop at.  

We drove a bit longer and then drove some more... 40+ miles later on a dirt road we came to another highway.

Apparently we had no clue as to what we were looking for.  In my on-line research I found these pictures...  

Below is one that marks out the fault line with arrows.  

The above picture shows the shift of the valley floor. 

While we may have been clueless about what we were looking for as far as the earthquake site, we did go through several tiny towns on our way back to Sun Valley...  The smallest was Clayton, ID...

We enjoyed a visit with one of the residents and discussed the mining in the area.  There had been lots of mining in the past, but the reclamation of the mine areas have left the area very clean with little evidence for visitors to see anything but the beauty of nature. 

Below is the Salmon River and the Sawtooth Mountain range.

We saw a herd of sheep, the shepherd and the sheep dogs moving sheep across the highway....  You may notice the "Sheep Camp" in the lower picture....

 A very nice couple offered to take our picture... No need for a selfie!

It was such a pleasurable and relaxing drive!  A drive that was to originally been 4 hours turned into 8 hours!  We then enjoyed an evening "out on the town" in Ketchum as the beginning of the "Trailing of the Sheep" festival was just starting.  People watching at its finest!  

Funniest statement we heard... as a group of people were waiting for the walk signal to cross the street, though there were no cars present.  A pushy middle aged man forced his way to the front of the group... "oh, for crying out loud (this may have been edited).  It's Ketchum, not Los Angeles!" 

Oh, and we thought we saw Nancy Kerrigan, but it was just someone that looked like her and was much younger.

So there you go... Our stay in Sun Valley... in a nutshell.  



PS... just one more post about our travel home.  Thanks for joining us on our trip!

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