Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Ups & Downs of the week...

It's been a pretty exciting week here with the Colorado Nolan's!

Up)  We started the week by celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary... Thank you, by the way for the many well wishes and congratulatory comments on facebook!

Wednesday was a really, really big day.  Some background... In April there was a film crew that had visited Dave's shop taping footage for a show on the Outdoor Channel, NRA All Access.  Last night was the prime-time debut of the show!  

Up) We had plans to watch the show with some friends (since the Outdoor Channel is not included in our satellite package). We were going to enjoy dinner and the show.  (It could have been considered a "matinee" given the time of the airing...)

I was "chilling" a bottle of wine in the freezer (don't forget this piece of info) and was prepared to begin our grilled pizza.  

Down) And then Dave got a phone call regarding a need for "emergency" testing of our local water system.  Ugh!  There go the plans!

Plan B was developed and all was good.

Up)  The emergency was taken care of, individual pizzas and salad were consumed and we were off to our friends' house.  We were thrilled with the final outcome of the show.

We then discussed the need to add a link on the NQC web-site to the trailer of the show featuring Dave & Nolan Quality Customs.  I sit down at the computer and quickly figure out how to make this happen (Up).  I begin the uploading of the updates, check to see if it was successful and get an error message. Ack!!! (Down... way down!  Frustrated to tears, down.)

After 45 minutes with tech support of our web-hosting company and zero success, I try one last time, expecting failure again... 

I was then interrupted by our friends dropping off their kitten to "kitty sit" for a few days.  When I checked back to see what the status of the uploading was, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was successful!  Woohoo!  Happy Dance! Happy Dance! (UP!!)

In the midst of all that computer techy stuff I stopped to make myself some lunch.  I open the freezer and see a wine bottle cork laying in the middle of the freezer... Ooops!  ((down)) Yep, I had forgotten the bottle of wine was "chilling" in the freezer before the emergency water interruption.  The bottle was frozen solid! Fortunately, there was no other mess for me to clean up. (Up)  

And, somewhere in the midst of this up and down week, we had received the call saying that my new sewing machine (Baby Lock Lyric) had arrived in the shop in Pueblo ((Up))

So, in the ups and down of the last few days things are up!  The show was successful, the web-site is updated and includes the video clip, despite the frustations. My new machine is in and I have seven quilt tops nearly ready for quilting!  

The latest two tops, MS Quilts

And the Broken Star Quilt is ready for final borders...

 After I fixed the pucker problem. You may recall that I had a similar problem with the center of the quilt... a problem caused by the inconsistent sizes of the pre-cut kit pieces.

I think I need to go celebrate... Anybody want to join me with a glass of wine?  It is nicely chilled! ;)

I hope that your week is blessed with more ups than downs,


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