Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Lyric - In the Animal Kingdom

I am slowly getting to know and become familiar with my new Baby Lock, the Lyric.  She is a sweet, smooth and super quiet machine!

Of course, in comparison to my backup machine that is all metal and almost clunky loud, but sews great, (and I have used for the past two months) it seems almost as though it makes no noise at all!

I started slowly on Monday with a few four patches and then moved on to adding borders to a few quilts including this sweet little "Animal Kingdom" quilt.  

This was given to me in a bag... most of the nine patches already assembled, but a different size than the animal blocks.  At the same time I had received a large bin of "logs" - 1-1/2" strips of varying sizes and colors.  I dug through them and picked out several that seemed to be a natural match.  I added these strips to just two sides of the blocks.

I added a few borders and then used the left over three-patch parts (that had not been assembled into 9-patch blocks) for the final border.

I am now ready to get this quilt onto my machine and try some free-motion quilting.  I am thinking that I will do an almost spikey pattern - like bamboo, or grass or something like that.  I'll have to see how it turns out.

Happy Quilting!


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