Thursday, May 22, 2014

Time to Design for a Man

With the wedding dress done, it is now time to begin the next quilt.  This one will be a Father's day gift for a Miami Dolphin football fan. 

But there are a few things keeping me from actually getting started...

#1 - I am tired.  In fact, here I sit and it is nearly 10 a.m., and I haven't even headed to the shower. 

#2 - I need to order the computer printer fabric so that I can print the photos and logs that are to be included in the quilt.

#3 - And I think this is the biggest hurdle that I need to get over - I don't like to start a project knowing that I don't have a large block of time or days to work on it. It may sound crazy to some, neurotic to others and just plain silly to most.  But it is a real problem...  With family coming in next week and the wedding just 9 days away, I really could use the calming therapy that quilting offers me.

So, enough whining and procrastinating for now... I have a quilt layout/design to perfect and to get done.  Father's day will be here before I know it!

This was my initial design layout, but I will be changing the flying geese border to resemble something more of a football shape...  for now? I will be pulling fabric and cutting strips for the log cabin block.

The giver of this quilt when she saw this design said, "Oh, it's so cute!"  My response?  "It's for a man, it shouldn't be cute..."  thus the need for the football border.

So, off I go to find some masculine fabrics to use in the log cabins... so it isn't "cute".

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