Monday, May 26, 2014

Needed a "Fix"

A few years ago our couch's upholstery was wearing thin on the seat cushions, but the rest of the couch remained in good condition... so I made some quilted "throws" for the cushions.  They have seen many hours of TV viewing and visiting with friends and family.  The convenient part is that if something gets spilled on them the go in the washing machine and then good as new.

However, I could stand it no longer... They either needed to be replaced or repaired.  With guests arriving tomorrow afternoon there was no time for replacing them. 

Here you can see a few wear spots... but trust me the part that I replaced was MUCH, MUCH worse.

So.... I pulled out some fabric, made a few measurements and the viola!

I put a piece the exact size needed (the purple), pinned it in place and stitched it down.  In about 1 hour of time they were good to go. Again!  Now, I do realize that in time I will need to replace them, but for now, good enough.

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