Monday, March 18, 2013

The Fabric Angel

Several weeks ago I had received a phone call from a friend that is moving soon. She had been cleaning out her closet where she stored various items, but mostly fabric.  "Would you be interested in all of this fabric?  Because I am not moving it."  Immediately, my response was "Of course!"

When she brought by her collection of fabric  I was thrilled, excited and honored that she thought of me. 
As I searched through it all just to get an idea of what I now had, I discovered a couple of quick projects and WIP's (Work in progress)/UFO's (un-finished Objects). 

Last weekend, while working on the big queen-sized quilt, I found myself needing a little bit of a change, so I busted out one on the UFO's and Viola...

The first item to be added to my inventory for the show on April 5th... A table runner from a pre-printed panel. :)

I believe there will be many projects to come from her collection of fabric.  Wine Bags, java jackets, therapeutic rice bags... maybe some purses or aprons... Be sure to watch and see what I come up with.  I welcome ideas and suggestions. 

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