Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Something New

In a recent conversation with a friend we had discussed some quilting techniques that we have a desire to try.  I had mentioned that a Whole Cloth Quilt is something I have on my "bucket list".  It is on hers as well. 

The Whole Cloth quilt might look quite plain - almost boring -  because it is simply a plain piece of fabric, all one color, no variation.  The quilt, as a result is a display of skill in quilting.  Many people view the "piecing" process, fitting the variety of fabric colors shapes together in a pattern as quilting.  When in reality, quilting is the process of attaching the three layers (Top- batting - backing) together.

In the collection of fabric I recently received there were several stacks of blocks pinned together and labeled for placement.  It seemed to be a border of sorts as they were marked Top - L-R, Right - Top - Bottom, etc.  After I placed it on my design wall I went back to the bin to see what other fabric there might be to go with it. I decided that "now is no better time to try to create a medallion on a whole cloth."  Much to my amazement (ha,ha) I discovered the ideal fabric for the center.

I was still intimidated by the size and decided that I should machine stitch the center.  It is, afterall, a first time and a sort of "experiment", I reasoned.

I am pleased with the design that came out.  (Back view shown) It was a result of a compilation of various templates that I have on hand and what some would consider pure accident or others would say divine inspiration. I am aware that all of the grid quilting in the background area is not consistently uniform and that it would not win any kind of quilting award.  That's not what I was going for. 

I chose to do a raw edge quilting technique for the border using the abandoned quilt squares.  It seemed a natural choice since Lee (my fabric angel) had commissioned a raw edge quilt a couple years ago for her new guest room that she had created in her home.

It seems to speak to me... saying, "Come... seek comfort and warmth with me.  Do you hear it too?

I would still like to someday make a wholecloth quilt that is hand-stitched.  It will likely be only crib sized as I don't think that I really have the desire or attention span to one much bigger than that.  There are a number of patterns available for purchase.  However, I like the creative process of developing my own.  Be assured, I will spend much more time and attention to detail in making that the background grid quilting is a little closer to perfection.

For now, I am ready to move on and see what other inspired creations I can make. 

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  1. A lovely quilt. And you did so well for the first time. I think when we have lots of quilting lines, any imperfections are hidden as our eyes are continually moving.