Friday, July 31, 2015

Feeling Frustrated...

I miss my Baby Lock Serenade...  It went in for a tune-up/cleaning six weeks ago!  Turns out it needs some special part... that coupled with the fact that they have discontinued the Serenade model means that I am still waiting.  

When we called on Monday to the inquire the status of the order of said part we were informed that it would likely be another six weeks!  A phone call to HQ soon followed..."This is unacceptable!" was the statement made by my husband to someone at Baby Lock.

Phones started ringing and conversations started... Between us and the repair shop, and between the repair shop and HQ and the Sales Rep. They quickly wanted to correct the situation by offering me a new machine (Melody model) to replace my Serenade.  Sounded like a great deal! Until I started looking up the cost of the Melody... Turns out I can purchase the Melody for 60% less than what I paid for my Serenade 4 years ago!

How is this fair?!?  I already passed over the Melody when I was machine shopping.  And since the problem is likely an issue with the mother board of the machine (yep, there is a chance that the part that is on back order is not really the solution at all) it is still under warranty and they MUST replace it.

Ugh!  Feeling frustrated. Has anyone else had such serious issues with their Baby Lock machines?  The Serenade specifically?

In the mean time, I have been busy in my studio creating 12 inch blocks... I have 27 out of 40 done and have a plan for a few more specific blocks... and then I will be hitting my block patterns digging a little deeper.  

I also got the additional borders on one of the quilts that needed to be made larger.

I chose to use some very special fabric from Indonesia that had been given to me on this very special MS quilt (the orange flowers and dark green leaves are a great complement to the original top) as well as the perfect orange batik style to accent the oranges used in the quilt.  I am thinking that a forest green binding will tie everything together just perfectly.

All in all, it was a pretty good week!  Productive, despite the fact that I am sewing on my back up machine!  When I do get my machine back or get an upgrade I will be spending lots and lots of time quilting... Current count of tops ready? Three.  By the time we get the machine situation straightened out? Hopefully seven!

Have a pleasant weekend!  And remember, let me know if you have had a bad experience with BL and how you resolved it.

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