Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Taking Flight

The 12 cabins, 16 trees, 16 aspen leaves and four bear paws blocks were completed and all I needed were 104 Flying Geese. 

I cut, sewed, pressed and rearranged, then sewed, cut and pressed again. And then finally trimmed 104 flying geese.  These rectangular shaped blocks actually went pretty fast.  I am not sure who came up with the technique to make four blocks at a time, but the assembly time is amazingly fast.  Genius, even!  It is the trimming to size that is somewhat time consuming. 

Not that I am complaining... any time in my sewing room is a good time.  It is where some "magic" happens.  I create, I problem solve, I heal.  A friend suggested that "I pour my art into it".  It is true, I do pour my art, my heart, my soul and my prayers into each project.

As I work on each quilt or project, I find that coming to completion of the project is almost like reaching the end of a good book.  There is a sense of completion, yet a sense of sadness because the characters of the book - the ones that have become a part of your life - are gone.  Done.  No more pages. 

I have only one more border left on this queensized quilt and then I move on to the actual quilting part. And then the binding.  The Bear in the woods quilt will soon be done, blessed and ready to go to its new home and new life.  I'm sure it will be happy and I will find something new to make and create.

I need to build up my inventory for the spring/summer fairs or markets that I may be part of.  The first one is just around the corner on April 5th.  Yikes!  I better get moving :)  

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