Sunday, January 22, 2023

Sew & Tell ~ #52miniquilts

I've been enjoying making some mini quilts - postcard size... either 4"x6" or 5"x7".  They are quick projects that help to use up a small amount (a very small amount) of scraps, get my creative juices flowing and have the opportunity to brighten up the day of a friend or loved one.  

This one was an idea that I shared in my 2023 Planning Party story... 

The next one I made is for a friend that is in the midst of a battle of breast cancer...  You can't see it very well because of the color of thread I used for the quilting that includes "the battle belongs to the Lord"... but that is intentional.  i wanted it to appear as though it is steam coming from the cup.

I recently discovered an Instagram hashtag of #52miniquilts.  I'm not sure the beginning source of the hashtag, but I have fallen in love with each and every one of the pictures shared!  And include some "dimple quilting".  

My plan is to continue my postcard series with a new one each week!  I'm a little behind, but I hope to get caught up this week with two new designs. πŸ˜€

A snowstorm started Friday afternoon as I was cutting pieces for a second quilt using the 11 strips 
remaining after my Paper Lanterns quilt finish... plus some other scraps.  

(BTW, I was the hostess of TGIFF and shared my finished Paper Lanterns quilt here...)

The pattern made a 35" x 53" quilt.  I wanted something just a little wider so I planned to add one column of the "4-Patch on point" units in the center, making the "ladders" on either side of the middle column 4-1/2" wide.

By Friday evening nearly all of the 4-patch units had sewn into on-point units and we had at least 2 inches of snow and it was still coming down heavy...

By 8 that night there was a truck at the bottom of the hill outside our house that slid and was blocking the entire road...  State Patrol and tow trucks were on sight and handling the situation just fine... yet Dave had to go investigate.  

Saturday morning we discovered that the truck was still there, along with 12 inches of snow, though on the side of the road so that traffic could pass by.  The driver had spent the night in his truck and was taking a short walk up the road past our house... Dave called out to him and invited him in for coffee and a chance to warm up.

We quickly discovered that he didn't speak English very well at all and trying to communicate with him was interesting.  We did manage to decipher that he was from Uzbekistan and has only been in the US for 10 months.  His truck, with bald tires and a flatbed trailer with two full-size trucks and a Jeep Lorado, and no chains, was a company truck and he was trying to get to Lubbock, TX.  

As Dave helped him to contact another tow truck they began clearing the driveway, sidewalk and pathways.  Eventually, the tow truck arrived (with the necessary tire chains to navigate Raton Pass) and got him up the hill and on his way... to the tire shop because there was one flat tire on the trailer.  

We have no way of knowing whether he reached the destination safely or not... we only pray that he did and that our kindness was appreciated.  

As all of that was going on I was happily sewing my jelly rolls together to create the "ladders" of the quilt top.  By day's end the sun was out and the snow already melting and I had a top ready for borders!

The pattern name for the quilt is Sherbert Lemon, but that doesn't fit this quilt.

I thought Stepping Stones & Ladders... What do you think?

What name would you suggest?

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear your idea.

Last week there were 17 that joined the Sew & Tell Party!  Woohoo!  Some of the top projects that caught my eye...

Michelle at My Bijou Life showed off an attractive Bearpaw block...

Melissa showed off her roly poly snowmen that she is stitching in black...

And, last, but NOT least, Patricia at Faith, Trust & Breast cancer showed off her Pieces in the Garden Row Quilt...  (I may be a little partial to this quilt since it was last year's sew along πŸ˜‰)
Well done, Quilters!  πŸ‘It is now time to show off what you have done this week... Sew & Tell will be open until Friday evening.  

Keep piecing!


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  1. I'm sure that trucker will remember your kindness for years to come. Blessings!

  2. Oh what a fun challenge, Melva. I look forward to seeing your postcards. I made some a few years ago . I do enjoy bringing them out for display. Thank you for including my snowman quilt in your post today. Have a wonderful week. Happy quilting.

  3. Hi Melva. I love your postcards and your lovely finish. I’m suggesting the name “Rocky Road” for your quilt because of the adventure/misadventure that young man had on his trip. How wonderful of you and Dave to help him. πŸ€—

  4. What a truck story!!! Wow! I read that part to my DH, who was pretty interested in hearing about it, too. Love your rainbow sunset with God's promise, Melva!!!

  5. I LOVE your good Samaritan story, that poor guy! Stepping Stones & Ladders is a very appropriate name for that pretty quilt - I like that pattern. Hoping to link up at some point!

  6. I have no doubt the man appreciated your kindness. Loving your quilty postcards. So sweet.


  7. And thanks for the feature! (I got interrupted on my last comment.)


  8. What a wild weekend you had. Thank you for helping someone in need. Not many people would open their doors to a stranger these days. How about something like blocks and chains for a name. I'm terrible at naming quilts. I'm thinking I might take out a novel I like and try to find some descriptive words in it for my next quilt name.

  9. What a blessing for the man you helped. He will always remember your kindness, I'm sure. I love your postcard quilts, especially the one for your friend with breast cancer. I really like your quilt. Hmmm I thought of Chutes and Ladders! LOL But your suggested name works too. I will thank you in advance for linking up with Monday Musings...when I can get into my back office and actually create a post. Technical difficulties in the office...UGH!

  10. You were his angels - I bet, even with the lack of communicating easily, he was so appreciative!!! I love you postcards - what fun!!

  11. I’ve seen postcard quilts and yours is so lovely! I feel my inner squirrel speaking to me! 😊
    I love your breast cancer post card. You know, I saved every card I received during the LORD’s battle with my own journey. Even 7 years later, they still bless my heart.
    I did a brief search on dimple quilting, but couldn’t figure out what it is. I love to learn from you!
    Your new project is lovely as is your suggested name.
    Awww….you are so sweet to share my Pieces in the Garden! It’s now in the binding queue! I was surprised how pretty it came out – but 30’s reproduction fabrics are my faves!
    Happy stitching!

  12. I like that name, or maybe turned around to Ladders and Stepping Stones, since there are more ladders? Either way, it's a cheerful quilt. Bless you for helping that poor lost man! It reminded me of your folks helping the German POWs, or was it your grandparents? Anyway, you didn't fall far from that tree, and neither did Dave. He had to be so confused and not speaking good English, maybe a little scared of how things would turn out. A helping hand was just what he needed and you gave it.

  13. Thank you Melva for linking with To Do Tuesday.
    😁 Carol

  14. What pretty postcard quilts! They will surely cheer the recipient. Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell link up, Wednesday Wait Loss

  15. So good to be able to be a blessing to that man in need. I am sure he appreciated it! Love your Stepping Stones and Ladders! Thanks for joining in on Monday This and That! xx