Saturday, April 25, 2020

Our Country - Germany

As I continue my research for the Pieces From the Past Sew Along, I have been reading a book authored by Kurt Landsberger, who was a translator for Camp Trinidad from June 1943 until its close in January 1946.

A portion of his book, Prisoners Of War at Camp Trinidad, Colorado 1943-1946, includes translated journal entries by one of the POWs.  There were many things that captured my attention (and I will be sharing tidbits with future posts) but this particular entry Karlhorst Heil  was especially reflective in June of 1943...

"We hope for an honorable end of the war or don't even dare think about it.  Would it change to something good or an annihilating defeat, a second Versailles with its consequences and after-effects or worse?  Was there not a gamble with the fears of human beings on the once side and hunger for power to be satisfied on the other side, some with a clear thought of reason but others with thoughts close to madness.  But deep inside we hoped that everything would be for the best, that a noble desire for improvements for mankind would succeed in the face of paranoia...

Our thoughts are again with our country, which has to suffer so much, struggling for victory or an honest defeat.  Will we ever see our loved ones again, our friends and which of our friends will be able to return home?  Reject the thoughts of death.  We have to live, hoping to return."

While many of the authors of the letters that Phillip and Katie received longed for a return to the United States, Heil longed to return to his home country, Germany.

As I read his journal entry I wondered "what would the block "Our Country" would look like in the colorway of the German flag?" - Black, Red and Gold.  I HAD to give it a try!

I don't tend to work with black much, but, WOW does it make the colors pop!

If you haven't completed your block, feel free to consider a completely different colorway for it.  Perhaps it is your home country, like one reader from Canada chose to use Red/White for hers.  Or maybe choose colors to represent your family heritage...  Or just your favorite colors!

What ARE your favorite colors to quilt with?

I naturally gravitate toward blues...

Leave a comment - I'd love to hear from you!

Keep calm and quilt on,


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  1. Wow, those colors are striking. The black really make the yellow and red pop! My favorite colors to quilt with are shades of purples, teals, pinks, blues, greens and sometimes I enjoy using black backgrounds, BUT for my eyes, stitching on black is not fun! LOL I guess I really like most colors but I tend to gravitate to these! My grandsons put me in a tizzy for their quilts I just posted about. One loves pandas, so his was black, white and green and the other loves tigers so his was orange (!!!), blue, black and white!! Though they were a challenge to work with, I think they came out so very cute!

  2. Looks great! I think I'll try the colors of Ireland.

  3. The colors are stunning on this block...well done! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Hi Melva! That journal entry seems quite fitting for today and the pandemic we are living through. Is it not human life on one side and money on the other wanting businesses to reopen? We have to live, hoping to return to 'normal' or what will be our new normal. The block in the colors of Germany looks fabulous. I did the paper piecing on our block just minutes ago in red/white/blue. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else in spite of disagreements over politics, etc. My family, friends and PEEPS are here however our new normal turns out. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Your block looks great. I don't like the colors of my country together, so I tend to avoid using them together. I used a solid burgundy and a burgundy print.

  6. Yes, black does make the colors pop! I'm a fan of blue, green, orange, and red. Yellow, purple are low on my list.

  7. That block looks great in German flag colors. Interesting that we see so much "Americana" quilts but not so much in the national colors of other countries. I supposed that's because most of the patriotic quilts I see are made for American service men and women.

  8. That is a very bold block. my favorite color is plaid ;-)

  9. Striking colors for a wonderful block! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  10. Using the German flag colours in this block make it such a strong statement. What an interesting question you have thrown up. Thanks for linking up with the Chameleon's Colour & Inspiration party!

  11. Oh wow,the black is the perfect addition. Hope you are staying well. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down.