Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Live ~ Love ~ Laugh

Last week Dave and I did a bit of social distancing by removing ourselves from our home and going to an even more remote location in New Mexico - Mills Canyon, just 100 miles from door-step to canyon gate.

In the three days that we were gone we saw a total of five cars and spoke to one turkey hunter as he walked on the road and we drove past on one our exploration tours

 We enjoyed the very warm days... almost too warm, the cooler evenings and almost chilly mornings.  We walked, we took the dog swimming in the Canadian River, I did hand-sewing and we read.

I was reading a novel by Jan Karon and there was a scene that she painted so beautifully with her words...

"He surprised himself by laughing so hard he couldn't stop.  Nor did he want to.  Being joined by his neighbor in this foolish collapse made it even better.

When the spasm had passed Cynthia asked "Doesn't it feel grand to laugh over nothing?" she wondered.  "Why don't we laugh more?"  

"I think we forget," he said, wiping his eyes.

"How can we possibly forget to laugh, when it feels so good, and cures so much?  How can we possibly?"

I paused... It seems that perhaps the world, during this pandemic, has forgotten to laugh.

The stress of the adjustments to working from home, home schooling kids that will not be returning to school until the new school year... the stress of going to the stores and "following rules" for fear of getting scolded or turned into "authorities" for not following said rules... the fear of meeting others and contracting the virus... and on and on and on...  

Yes, that's it... In all that life involves currently, I think we have forgotten to laugh!  When was the last time you can recall having a good belly laugh?  You know a laugh that you simply not cannot stop... your eyes water, your stomach hurts and you can't catch your breath.  And don't even look at the other person that you are losing it with because it will start all over!  

It has been months since I have enjoyed such a time.  I was in a car of girlfriends headed to a women's weekend, with a few stops for special requests to be picked up on our way... The driver was Karen, and I was in the passenger seat.  There were three others in the back seat talking and giggling over something else... what we have no idea because we were losing it ourselves...  I really don't even remember what we were laughing so uncontrollably about...  or WHY it struck us so funny, but Oh, we laughed... to be honest, we were a little sleep deprived and had anyone asked us to share... well, we were laughing too hard to even explain!

As I type this I feel the joy rising and a guttural noise is starting... It feels so good to laugh!

As I paused to consider such moments my mind started to wander... and because my mind works in the way that it does, I started thinking of a way to capture such a moment in an mini art quilt.

When I think of music I can almost see the notes and sounds rising up, almost as steam from a body of water on a frosty day, or a jet stream as it follows a plane across the sky... incense rising to the heavens...

I considered "ha ha's", LOL and mouths, but I was wanting something more abstract or artsy...  I began thinking of "seeing" laughter... it is so much more than just a smile...  

I suddenly had the idea to search for a sound wave of laughter... BINGO!  The quilting could be done to represent the sound wave.

Below is my concept idea for the mini...

I pulled out some brightly colored jelly roll strips and my big 1/2 hexie template that I used on a Jumbo Grandmother's Flower Garden that I made in 2018 and started to layout the hexies in an "non-hexie" way.

I love the way the zigzags could be a close up shot of the sound wave... and to say that I am pleased with the finished mini in comparison to my concept idea would be an understatement!  This mini quilt, a perfect size for a mug rug finished at 8" x 7-1/4" and will find a home in my studio as a reminder that laughter is a vital part of life.

I know that the popular saying is Live ♥ Laugh ♥ Love... But somehow I think that when one lives life loving others laughter is a natural product from that life  of love.

So when was the last time YOU had a good, uncontrollable belly laugh?  

It isn't necessarily something you can be intentional about making happen, but we can be intentional about loving others and sharing the joy that comes from that... and I think then the laughter can come more easily.

Lighten up and laugh,


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  1. I totally agree with you, as laughter seems so rare anymore. Even TV shows that are supposed to be funny, aren't. I miss a laughing fit that makes your stomach hurt!

  2. Hi Melva! Yes, the whole world does need to laugh more. I'm literally just using FaceTime to talk to Addison who is bellying laughing over the faces Sue is making at her. I can't help but laugh - it IS very contagious. Almost like the virus itself - we could start a trend to pass on/share laughter. It has always been labeled the best medicine for a good reason! You interpretation of laughter in sound waves is so cool and perfect. The then using half-hexagon shapes?!! I have a whole slew of them leftover from a baby quilt I'm working on. What a fun project - having laughter right at your fingertips to remind you to laugh. I want to make one, too! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Agreed, let's laugh and smile more!

  4. OH MY GOODNESS!! You have hit the nail on the head! I know I haven't had a deep belly laugh in a while, but with my two goofy dogs, there is always laughter at their antics. But the full on laugh that keeps you from drawing breath is missing, I need to find an impetus to cause this, sooner rather than later. May you find that belly laugh today!

  5. Laughing has long been considered the best medicine! Your mini is very clever and the colors are wonderful.

  6. Your Laughter mini is fabulous, and I love the story and concept behind the design. Looks like you and Dave enjoyed a wonderful social distancing getaway!

  7. Sounds like you and Dave had a great time! Love your little laughter quilt. Not sure where in that state the Canadian River is, my sis in law lives on the lower edge of the Rio Grande.

  8. So glad you enjoyed your journey enough to share the photos. The river photo is fabulous, I would love to visit there myself. The Mississippi and Illinois Rivers are muddy and smelly so there's no good time had there. My husband and I laugh at one another all the time, sometimes its uncontrollable laughter. A couple weeks ago I got out of bed and slipped on some baggy sweats, pulled on these huge thick wool socks and didn't bother adjusting the pants or socks, i was half asleep. Had on an extra large white t-shirt. I know, not very appealing. My hair was in a haphazard pony tail from sleep, what I call my Ma Kettle hair after she chases children around or after she blows up the kitchen and came strolling into the dining room. My dh was reading the newspaper and looked up at me with a straight face and said, "boy, you better not go out in public with those sexy socks or you will be raped". Now I know rape is no laughing matter and I would never laugh at such a thing. I looked down at myself and felt the pony tail flop loosely. One pant leg is bunched up and supported by the sock, the other sock and pant leg tucked into the sock, the t-shirt...well some of it was inside the sweat pant elastic much like a newly potty trained toddler who had just done their business. I laughed so hard I was crying, he did too.

  9. Got so wrapped up in my story I forgot to say thank you for linking up to Put your foot down.

  10. Your Mini is so great - its so bold and beautiful!!

  11. Thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed your post.... and I just adore the concept of your mini. Losing it laughing is the best. Thanks so much for sharing at the Chameleon's Colour party.

  12. What a cool idea! Really love the result. Thanks for sharing your mini quilt on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  13. Melva, as you know I've joined your Quilt Along late, but I had to tell you how much I am enjoying read these posts as I catch up! I will finish My Country this am, so am reading to the next block, and having a wonderful time. Your words are soaked in your faith and they are a blessing, a fragrant aroma lifting up praise. Thank you for sharing your heart!