Friday, August 30, 2019

Thrift Shop Finds and Pattern Testing

The week had been long and we needed some time away to unplug and shut out the world.  The world was shouting and we wanted to retreat and hide... and heal.  But we also had not seen our girls or the grands for waaaaaaay too long 6-8 weeks???  How did this happen?  Oh, a quick trip to Lincoln happened and derailed some plans.

We decided to make an "errand run" for some special groceries that I cannot find in our little town and make some thrift shop stops.  We scored with some much needed work jeans and shorts for Dave and I.  As I waited on him in the fitting room I perused the fabric section...

I found three items that followed me home.  I even passed two of the up once and then they just jumped into the cart the second time I made my way around the rack.

First up was the Bronco fabric.  I have several Bronco shirts ready to be made into a quilt and this fabric will we perfect as the border...  

Next up was the Harry Potter panel.  My first thought was "ooohhh!  My Becca Boo would have loved this as a quilt when she was younger!"  

I thought that since she is nearly 30 (again, how did this happen????) and married that she might not appreciate it quite so much.  

But since it was priced at just a few bucks it was just too good to pass up.  I figured someone would like it.  So it came home...

The final piece that jumped in was this large poppy print... There was something about it that caught my eye the first time around and then the second time the price tag sealed it... $1.50 for 2 yards!

We finished our errands and picked up the grand daughters and headed to Pueblo State Park to set up camp.  We had a great view of the lake and an easy walk down to the water where we skipped rocks and looked for fossils in the shale rock.  They were everywhere!

That evening as we enjoyed s'mores around the campfire I mentioned the HP panel and Becca got super excited about the possibility to get a quilt featuring the panel.  Her husband, David... not so much.  I think he even said something like "don't encourage this Harry Potter obsession."  

But I think I know what she will be getting for Christmas!!!  He is a minimalist and likes the contemporary, clean, sleek look.  I think I will do some sort of Irish Chain in blues and greys for the top and use the panel for the backing.  The best of both worlds so that they both can enjoy it.

As the sun said good night we did too.  The neighbors in the campsite right next to us however did NOT.  Their vulgar language and music kept Dave and I awake for several more hours... with not a ranger to be seen or heard to enforce the quiet hours.  **sigh**

The girls, however...

seemed to sleep fine! 

While it was only one night and anything but remote and quiet our souls were soothed just being able to hug and love up on our family.  There will be time for some quiet soon.  It will involve long bike rides and time relaxing.  But in the meantime...

I have some pattern testing to do for Shannon Fraser Designs.  She will have a pattern release next month... be sure to watch for it!

Is it bad that when I see "Yard Sale" I think fabric???  I mean it IS sold by the YARD!  lol!

Have you had any great thrift store finds?  

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear from you.

Stay Calm and Quilt,
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  1. We don't have great thrifting opportunities here very often, so I don't stop in much. Your finds were great. I was thinking my 50-year old would not be beyond loving the Harry Potter panel, and it looks like it's still going to your daughter, even if it's disguised with something more subliminal. =) It looks like a great weekend, except for the neighbors. I would have mentioned to them that I had young children who didn't need to hear the language - though I don't like it either. It isn't part of my life and I don't want to hear someone else's. =) They might not have agreed, but they might. People are surprising sometimes.

  2. Melva, Great fabric finds!!!! Glad that you got one night of camping with the family. However, I'm sorry for the noise and the vulgar language that you had to endure. I don't know why people have to do that, especially in public. I'm glad that the girls were able to sleep through most of it. I'm doing better. I'm knitting dishcloths again a little bit at a time which is a good thing. Hopefully, I'll I get back to piecing a quilt soon.

  3. We've had camping trips like that. No fun! Usually there was alcohol involved. The thrifts are why my stash numbers look the way they do.

  4. That poppy print?? Love, love, LOVE it!! Your plan for the Harry Potter panel sounds like a great compromise. Smart thinking!

  5. What fun times at the thrift store! Never knew there was fabric to be found there sometimes. I will have to be on the lookout! I wish we had a few more in our area though. Enjoy those Grandkids! Time marches on and soon they'll be all grown up and moved away! Time sure has a way of flying by ....

  6. Nice finds! Sounds like a good compromise on that Harry Potter panel. Thanks for linking up to What I Made Monday.

  7. Fabric at the thrift store jumps in my cart all the time. Last time (this past Saturday) to the tune of $40CANADIAN. A lot of money but I got a lot. Luckily I snuck it into the house without having to hear my long suffering fiance's sarcastic cries about how it's good I got more fabric because we really need more fabric. A deal is a deal right and new fabric here costs upwards or $20 per meter (a bit more than a yard).

  8. What fun! Shopping and camping with the grandkids. That sunset looked yummy. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.