Thursday, January 12, 2017


This week has involved high winds (approximately 40 mph sustained winds and 70+ mph gusts), power outages and the beginning of a kitchen renovation.  (Some of the power outages were caused by downed power lines in the storm and some from the renovation.)

Thankfully, the sink was quickly replaced and the dishwasher was connected before the end of the day.

As I sat near the kitchen for Dave's need of assistance (much as a nurse awaits the Dr.'s need in an operating room), I longed to be in my sewing room.  

I currently have a plywood countertop.  

And the lovely green black splash has been removed to the extent that it can be removed - it is a linoleum type product that was glued to the walls.  And when all the tools and various pieces of equipment are removed, I have an operational kitchen.  In fact, I prepared lasagna this morning before the reno started up again!

But as I sat waiting for the opportunity to get back to my studio I contemplated the many options of projects...  

I considered pulling my Grandpa's ties out of the closet to see what I could pull together.  But I wasn't quite mentally prepared for that project...

And I am waiting on the last few items from my daughter for the Baby's first year quilt that I started last weekend.

After five hours of no power and the fact that it was nearly our normal bedtime, we called it a night... And then I laid in bed after being awakened at 2 AM by the gusting wind and thought of the Mug Rug of the Month that Jen over at Patterns By Jen is doing this year.  

I thought of all the possibilities! I thought of many ideas of my own (Hearts for February... a shamrock in March... so many options!) and the prospect of these being a new item to sell at the Farmer's Market this summer.

These Mug Rugs turned out to be perfect for a quick project and one that didn't require a lot of attention and is easy to pick up again if interrupted.

I have a love for log cabins and thought that a log cabin house would be a perfect size for a mug rug.  I gave it a whirl!  the log cabin rugs could be done "quilt as you go", too!  Oh, the possibilities!

 They are a bit smaller than Jen's but they will work just fine.  

Well, that was fun!  And I hope that you will stop by PBJ on the first of each month to see what her "Muggamo" pattern is.

Happy Quilting!



  1. Kitchen reno *shudder*! Love your mug rugs!

  2. Melva, I love the mug rug for all the reasons you stated. Quick finish and easy to incorporate a just a block. With no rules, they can be whatever size you like. I'm loving your log cabin versions!