Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I Am A Softie!

I am probably lucky that rescuing unfinished quilts is not equal to rescuing stray cats.  You see, when ever I see an unfinished quilt that someone is interested in giving away I graciously and excitedly drag it home and show it some love!

Can anyone else relate to what I am saying?  Let's take a look at what I have rescued over the years...

This 1980's BOM type quilt came to me with the completed blocks and all of the fabric for the borders and the backing, but the blocks varied in size, from 12" to 12-1/2"... I remedied the inconsistent size problem by making a border on each block and trimming them to 13 inches.

This one was supposed to be much larger (Queen-sized maybe?)  It came to me with the 18 stars complete, the HST setting squares and the border pieces that needed some assembly... you can read the entire story here.

And the biggest and most challenging rescue I made was this Broken Star Quilt!  It was a task that helped me grow immensely in patience and as a quilter... But what a beauty it turned out to be.

These three tops came to me and only needed to be sandwiched, quilted and the binding... But what lovely pieces they were - Imperfections and all.  I fell in love with them!

And this brings me to my most recent rescue.  I received a Civil War reproduction log cabin quilt kit from one of the local quilters.  It had three blocks completed and all of the pre-cut strips for nine more.  One block was a little mis-shapen and did not have 1/4" seams and was, therefore, a little smaller than it was intended.  My guess is the quilter did not want to rip out the stitches for the entire block at the time, got frustrated and set it aside... and never went back.  

This is where I stepped in... I pieced the remaining nine blocks and then picked out stitches of the original three blocks - yes, all three because they were slightly smaller than the nine that I pieced and I wanted they to all be uniform.  

I dug into my stash to find borders...

And then I proceeded to practice my free-motion feathers!

So, there you have it... I am a big ol' softie when it comes to others UFOs... I am not be the "Crazy Cat Lady", but some have called me the "Crazy Quilt Lady". Haha!

What are your feelings on UFOs?  Love them? Hate them?
Do you have UFOs?  Do you, like me, love UFOs from other people? 

Leave a comment.  I love hearing from my followers!

Happy Rescuing!


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  1. Oh, Melva, I LOVE this post! I would love to hear more about how you come by your rescued quilts. I'm going to go read the stories about the ones I haven't seen yet. These must have happened before I started following you.