Thursday, September 22, 2016

I've Got a Peaceful, Easy Feelin'...

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The word of the week seems to be "Peace"... I have had a peaceful week lacking lots of drama and excitement, some quiet and peaceful evenings with my husband as we enjoyed a few evenings on the front porch, yesterday, September 21, was "World Peace Day"... AND I finished a twin-sized quilt that was hand-dyed featuring a 24" peace sign appliqued in the center of the top.

I will admit that I was timid about the project since the customer's idea and my style of quilting did not mesh a year ago.  I did not want to purchase some tie-dyed fabric at $10+/yard only for him to not like the fabric.  So, it all began with a full-sized flat sheet and a tie-dye kit that together cost about $20.  I know that some quilters argue against using sheets as backing because of the high thread count (and the needle cutting the fabric), but for years I have used (and will continue to use) the inexpensive cheap economy grade store brand sheets that are of a looser weave and thread count.  

I "studied" several Youtube videos that offered tips and lessons and then proceeded with some trepidation, but my husband, Dave, kept reminding me... "Remember the video?  There are no mistakes in tie-dye".  Thanks!  


After letting it "hatch" for several days, as suggested, I untied and unfolded the sheet... And low & behold (much to my relief)... I had a spiral!

I rinsed... and I rinsed... and I rinsed... and I rinsed some more to get as much of the dye out of it as possible and then transferred it to the washing machine with a cold water rinse... multiple times.  And eventually placed it in the dryer so that the color would "set".  I mean, if you have a stain on clothing and it goes through the dryer it is pretty much permanent, right?

I e-mailed a photo to my customer and got his approval. Yippee! (along with a bit of relief) I moved forward...

I made my template for the peace sign and with fusible applique centered the peace sign on the fabric and used a button-hole stitch in black.  I prepared the quilt sandwich and then marked grid lines on point for quilting and used variegated thread.  

Once the quilting was done and it was time to trim to the proper size.  I borrowed a laser level from dear hubby.  I measured and marked to the desired dimension.  

(It doesn't really show well in the photo, but there is a third laser that I had positioned through the center of the peace sign.)

Once I marked the lines for the edges, I trimmed, and was ready for the binding.

I opted for a purchased (left-over) {it really is about scraps here ;)} batik that had teal, green and purple in it.

As I worked on this quilt, I kept hearing in my mind the song Amazing Grace to the tune of Peaceful Easy Feeling (by the Eagles).  I am happy that the customer and I were able to collaborate on a project after our "creative ideas not meshing" a year ago.  So.... Yes, I do have a peaceful, easy feeling as this quilt is completed.

All that is left is a label... "To the wonderful Moonbeam,  #119 ~ True friendship is a knot tied by the hands of angels ~ Your loving brother, Saccharin"

What is or would be your "hippie name"?  Leave a comment to let me know...

Peace Out,


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  1. How cool that this is such a custom creation and you even tie dyed the sheet. I don't mind using sheets as backings, either, and have seen some really lovely and amazing quilts made from scrap vintige antique sheets found at thrift stores. Congratulations on the timely finish. :)

  2. Ooo! I love the way your tie dye turned out! Good job, Melva! Soooo 60's. My hippy name would have to be Rainbow. :D What about yours?

    1. My hippie name would probably be Unicorn. LOL!

  3. Ha! Unicorn, I love it! Melva, you did a really beautiful job with the tie dye! I've never tried it, but I've always wanted to. You know how I feel about sheets and the "store brands" are definitely the best! ;) No idea what my hippie name would be... probably something astrology related. Moon Star has a nice ring to it, haha. 😜