Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I'm Baaaa-ack

It has been weeks since I last posted... what happened???

It seems that ever since May when I was updating Dave's website and then making improvements on this blog I have spend an atrocious amount of time on the computer and using technology.  A few weeks ago I had scrolled past several articles about the need for a "digital detox" and "internet fasting"...  I thought to myself "That sounds nice, but a bit unrealistic.  Our business relies upon technology for advertising, billing and... just about everything."

I felt like I was on technology overload... My mind was tired of trying to fix, trouble-shoot and improve...  And then I had to travel to an appointment on the other end of the state.  Not only did I have limited time to be on the computer, but I had limited wi-fi and cell service. I then forgot my cell phone in my car when I joined some friends for a girls night out at a concert as well as the charging cord for my tablet.

It seems as thought it was time for a digital detoxing!  Upon my return home I was wrapped up with catching up on laundry and house cleaning.

BUT, I am now back, all caught up and I have resumed my regular routine.  This also means I am back in my sewing room!  YAY!!!

As I was resuming my routine I did have some playtime in my studio... I had been working on some crayon blocks, planning to make a throw quilt with them...

Here are some mock-up layouts I was considering...


As they hung out on the design wall my mind kept going back to the original idea of a wall hanging using just one large block with a name on it... I asked my oldest daughter (who is expecting her second baby) what her thoughts were.  She was thrilled with the idea. 

I quickly modified one of the blocks to have less pink/purple and 
more blue for a boy...

And I am certain that my Sweet Tater will love hers in her 
new "Big Girl Room"...


And I think this will be the perfect addition to the nursery...

I am just itchin' to get back to these fun projects, but I have a t-shirt quilt that must be finished for a young lady about to fly from the nest of her parent's home and is ready to discover the world while at college.  I think it is wonderful that her Mom wants to send her off with some special memories of her young life and a reminder of how much she is loved.

What is it about quilts that you love the most?  

For me it is that fact that I am making something that evokes emotion, can comfort and embrace a loved one as well as help someone recall memories and create new ones.  Most of all I want my quilts to represent love!  Which is why my quilt labels always include "Blessed from above, Made with Love."

Be Blessed!


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  1. Welcome back! It does sound like you have been a tad busy :) Glad things are caught up and returning back to normal for you. The crayon wall hangings will make sweet little presents for all of the kiddos. I like to think that it's neat, that even one day when I'm gone, a small piece of me will remain in my quilts.

  2. Life has a way of balancing itself out sometimes. It sounds like you had a nice break and welcome back! It sounds like you are going to put a lot of great energy into the quilt for the young lady going off to college.

  3. Good to see you're back and refreshed. The crayon quilt is a great idea and it looks brilliant!