Thursday, December 3, 2015

Who Can Use Some "Happy"?

The news reports of late have been quite depressing and disturbing.  It seems that the world has gone mad!!!  Mad, I tell you!!!!!!!  From the Paris terrorism attacks, to the Planned Parenthood attack in Colorado Springs and the attacks in California yesterday... 

I don't know about you, but I could some some "happy" about now.  

Here is just one page that I found that has positive stories that can help to restore my faith in humanity... Positive News

To help with my "happy" I have put on one of my favorite Christmas shirts and will be headed to my sewing room.  But really, how about some "pay it forward" random act of kindness stories?  What happened to the stories of people paying on lay-away accounts of strangers and giving money to random shoppers?  What about the gold coins in the Salvation Army buckets?  Kindness is just as contagious as violence and anger...

In the meantime, I have a quilt that is ready for binding.  

I am vacillating (haha! A big word... in an attempt to keep my posts a little less boring) between hand sewing the binding and machine stitching the binding with a decorative button hole stitch - I saw this on somewhere on the web... I think it was from Amy's Creative Side... (I should really pay more attention to these details. :/ ) Nope not at Amy's. But I still enjoy her blog.

The hand stitching of the binding is always so soothing for me and offers an extended period of time in prayer as I hand sew... but the idea of using the button hole stitch is very intriguing to me.  

I love to try new techniques...  I think I just made the decision... Button hole binding it is!

Do you have a  personal pay it forward story?  Please share!  I could use some happy... and there are a lot of people that could use some happy.  I am here to encourage you... share!  

Happy Christmas!


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