Monday, February 23, 2015

During the Storm...

I had great plans to accomplish during the storm this weekend.

My full intention was to finish one of the quilts for the Scrap Addict group I am part of...

Scrap Addicts

I can't show you a picture of the project just yet, but trust me... It involves smaller pieces than I typically work with... kinda like those Bitty Basket blocks, but a stash/scrap buster! 

I did find myself a bit distracted and desiring to work with fabric pieces a little bigger.  Up first were some scrub tops that my daughter had asked me to make.  she had purchased the fabric and never got around to making them.  And now that she has a 6-month old daughter that is moving around, she realized that it would probably be awhile before she would have time to do so. 

There wasn't quite enough shamrock fabric for a regular top, so I got to be creative and make up the difference. She thinks that it turned out cute!
Next up were wine bags... made from some of the fabric I was gifted in January!  Wildlife fabric has always been popular sellers at the local liquor store where they are available.

I did eventually get to the scrap addict project and am nearly done with the borders!  However, I did NOT get to the Bitty Baskets... Oh well,  Another time!

This week will involve setting up for the fundraising event.  I'll catch up with everyone next week.

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