Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Final Count

I had just two days left when I wrote about saving the spools of thread I had used in 2014 and I finished the Old Glory Picnic Quilt. 

It was late in the afternoon on the 31st when my daughter wanted me to count...

I decided to have a little fun while counting and stacked them...

It's getting taller!

All in all... the final count was 58 spools!
This includes thread used for piecing and quilting 27 quilts, quilting two baby quilts for a friend, 7 "memorial" blocks for Quiltblocks for MS, 5 Victorian Christmas stockings, numerous wine bags, casserole carriers and table runners.  And let's not forget the silk wedding dress!  It was a busy year!

It was interesting to see the spools collect and it was fun looking back at all of the finished projects of the year.
Happy Sewing!
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