Thursday, January 29, 2015

I May Need Help...

After having the opportunity to be part of the Quiltmaker test block group a few years ago and having a block accepted into volume 8 of their 100 Blocks publication I have applied several times to be part of their "Scrap Squad".  I, again, applied this year.  While I was not accepted into that group, I was invited to be part of a new group - "Addicted to Scraps". 

It sounds exactly like something I will love being part of!  However, it also sounds as though I have a serious problem and may need an intervention...  I mean "Addicted"?  Really? 

^^ It just feels SO good ^^

Okay maybe I am addicted.  **hanging head, sigh**

Scraps just work for me, though.  I could argue that I don't go out and buy yards and yards of fabric with no project in mind to build up my fabric stash (much, anymore...)  In fact, in the past few years I haven't had any need to do so because I have been blessed to be the recipient of discarded fabric and projects with  GREAT thanks to those that are "enabling" my habit.

But I can also argue that my "habit" has helped to supplement our annual income.  I used to offer daycare for a few babies to get a little extra cash.  And then they all moved away... :'(

So, I guess, I could argue that it is simply a matter of survival. Yeah, yeah, yeah!  That's it.  So, there you go... I don't need an intervention at all!  It is just a way of life for me... us, really.  Fabric and fabric scraps are just a way of life for me.

Move along!  No staring!  All is good here...

I'm going to go hug my fabric now.

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