Thursday, November 13, 2014

Busy! But it is a good busy...

Yesterday I worked.  Actually worked... went out in the BITTER cold temp and drove to a job.  Granted, I have been doing this every other Wednesday since August, but yesterday was different.  Getting to work wasn't all that bad. I mean, after all, the car had been in the garage and was several degrees warmer than the outside frigid air.  It was the trek home that was SO cold.  At 4 pm, after blowing snow all day long, it was still only 9 degrees, the car was barely getting warm during my short 10 minute drive home.  Ugh!  You would think that it was January or something!

Ok... enough whining.  Despite the cold, I have been busily sewing in my studio.  I helped my daughter to make some super cute Victorian Christmas Stockings, and I made  a Colorado Avalanche quilt. 

I am simply amazed at the interest in these sports team quilts. But, also, so very thankful for the interest in them!  Since there is such interest, I plan to continue making more.

Next up?  A memory quilt for a friend's sister that is to be a Christmas gift.  I am certainly glad that there are several people that are already planning for Christmas...  Some adorable princess quilts will be in the works soon for some adorable little girlie-girls. 

In between these projects, I will be getting ready for a Christmas Craft Extravaganza show/event on December 6th.  I think I need to go make some small hand warmers to fit inside mittens.  Burrrrr! Or go fix a cup of hot tea to warm my hands.

Stay warm, folks!

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