Thursday, October 16, 2014

For a Good Cause

Okie dokie, folks... Here it is!  My Breast Cancer Awareness quilt. 

My thought was, when I started the project, was to make it, set a price, list it on facebook and have it available for someone to purchase with a portion of my profit to go to the American Cancer Society or the Susan G Komen Foundation.
I still want to sell this quilt...  But I need some help and some feedback. 
1.  Would my blog readers and facebook friends be willing to share the photo of the quilt?
2.  Should I just give first shot to someone interested? 
3.  Or would it be better to use e-bay and allow an auction to take place and/or buy it now option? Again, I could use some help with "sharing" the auction link and getting the word out to the world.

4.  If I list on e-bay, there is an option for a portion of the sale to automatically go to the Komen Foundation... would that be a good option?  (I recently saw a thing about "think before you pink" and that less than 20% of the donations to the Komen Foundation are used for continuing research = 80% goes to administration.)  Is there a "better" organization to make a donation to?

5.  Or should I just donate the quilt to a local group to raffle/auction/sell the quilt at a fundraiser event?

These are just a few of my now confused thoughts... I truly want to make the biggest impact and difference that a small lap quilt could make.  Help me!

Leave me some feedback, thoughts or suggestions... Thanks!

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