Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Christmas in October

I will be one of the first to complain about the marketing and commercialism of Christmas beginning earlier and earlier.  While I don't necessarily agree with the introduction of Christmas ads in October, I can appreciate those individuals that like to plan and shop early for gifts.  And I can appreciate the stores that offer a lay-away plan for those that actually budget and plan for large purchases rather than just using a credit card and leaving the individual to worry about paying later.

My husband's family has had a Christmas gift exchange for years and I am always excited when the names get drawn and I have the time so that I can plan for an extra special gift that is made especially for them.  I have made quilts (of course!), table runners, cake/casserole carriers, ornaments and Christmas/Advent calendars.... among other things...

As silly as it may seem, I think I get as much, maybe more, enjoyment out of making and giving a special gift than the ones that receive them.  I had such fun making the calendar and finding and making the special little ornaments that fit into the pockets!  Butterflies, satin balls, icicles, and stockings...
Speaking of Christmas Stockings...  Check out these two Victorian stockings...
One came to me nearly finished... But it needed a mate.  It was super easy and fun to make.  They will be among some of the items I will have for sale at a Christmas Craft Extravaganza on December 6th. 
But, if you are one that loves to shop early for Christmas gifts and want something special made for someone, keep me in mind!  I love putting my heart and soul into special, one-of-a-kind gifts.
Happy gifting!
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