Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rescued Stars

I debated. I himmed and hawed. I procrastinated.  I considered alternatives about how to do the border on the "Rescued Stars" quilt top.

The pattern called for what I would call a half-square triangle blended with a four-patch... I don't like small pieces.  And since the finished block size was 4" it meant small! 

Whenever I finish a project started by another quilter I spend some time "getting into the mind" of that quilter.  I carefully sort through the fabric provided and make every effort to finish the quilt in a manner that would make them proud.  In this case there were some pieces cut to the specific sizes that the pattern called for in making the border.

In the end I gave myself a pep talk yesterday afternoon and I sat down with all of the cut pieces that came in the special box. In all reality I didn't have to cut very many squares to get enough for the border.

Today, the border has been attached. The quilt sandwich made and I should be able to get it quilted tomorrow and the binding on it on Saturday.

I am glad that I took the time and effort to mess with the small pieces (I didn't even grumble that much) because the quilt looks wonderful!

I love making rescues!

UPDATE:  The quilt is finished!  A full day early...

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