Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's T Time!

My latest project on the design wall is a memory quilt... A collection of T-shirts that a mom saved for her youngest son.  Some from elementary school, several from high school and a few from his college years.

I love working on these quilts just because of the excitement from the gift giver and the anticipated excitement of the recipient.

This one is special because I know the young man that wore all of the shirts.  He was a good friend and classmate of our youngest daughter.  So I had a brief trip down memory lane as I cut and arranged them.  The Math Hall of Fame shirt for successfully completing timed math tests and the Moulin Rouge marching band shirt were among the memories in Beck's quilt...

As soon as this one is done I'll be working on a couple more T-shirt quilts... I finally took the time the other day to stop in the thrift shop and start collecting T's... in my collection and the near future are Denver Broncos, Colorado Rockies and Breast Cancer Awareness quilts. 


I also picked up a few Colorado Avalanche, Chicago Bears and Harley Davidson T's that need some "friends" to go along with them before I have enough for a quilted throw.  All in good time...

So, what's in your T-shirt collection?  Turn that collection of shirts (that may be just too special to turn into rags) into a memory quilt that you can enjoy this winter.

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