Thursday, December 19, 2013

Branded for life

This morning I was feeling unmotivated and not very much in the Christmas spirit.  As I visited with a dear friend I felt better as we "solved all the problems of the world", we discussed some of our favorite Christmas traditions.

As I ran a few errands in town, I figured out what was really at the root of my feelings.  Ever since compiling our family Christmas letter I have felt somewhat sad and realized that I am missing my dad.  So after lunch, rather than go to the kitchen as I had planned, I headed to my sewing room. 

You know, the place that has offered salve to a broken and hurting spirit and heart this year.  As I cut and sewed this small table runner (or wall hanging) for my brother I felt better.  I had the opportunity to recall some special memories.  Most of the really special ones included our girls, Heather & Rebecca and how he cherished the time spent with them.  He had the time and opportunity.  And for that I am grateful... you see when I was young, he was busy working and trying to provide for his family.  Now I don't want to give the impression that dad never spent time with me, but I do recall a LOT of good times - family vacations, long holiday weekends and even a fishing trip.

After Dad passed away and we had returned to the nursing home to clean out his belongings we left behind all of his shirts and jeans.  (What was I thinking?!?  They would have made an amazing memory quilt)  But since with didn't get them, I improvised.

Now to the person that didn't know my Dad at all, they wouldn't get it.  You see  He wore denim jeans nearly every day of his life (even after battling with the nursing home about how much easier it was to dress him in sweat pants).  And he always had a red handkerchief in his back pocket.  But beyond that, the red "kerchief" fabric marks out his brand. 

When he was just a young man and had dreams of being a rancher he designed and created his brand the "T-Z-T".  I grew up with just about everything marked with this brand.  Our camping equipment, shovels, tools, our dog's collar, and of course, our "pet cow".  If something were loaned out to family or friend or if there was a chance that our property would get mixed up with my cousins', there was a brand on it.

Dave and I have marked a few things along the way...  You see, if you turn the brand on its side...

It's a "Bar-N-Bar"

Branded for life!


  1. What a lovely and touching post - and a spectacular tribute quilt. You're a marvel Miss Melva in so many ways. Thank you for sharing such a personal piece. HUGS to you! Meghan

    1. Thank you, Meghan. Now that you are back in town we should get together with our guys and have an evening of visiting. :)