Monday, December 30, 2013

A year in review...

With Christmas over and the new year around the corner I sigh a big sigh of relief and look to the next year with excitement and anticipation.  I look back over 2013, photos and blog entries and realize that we were hit with life hard and fast and survived. 

My survival tactics involved lots and lots of prayer and lots and lots of quilting... and lamenting over the hardships in life. Through all of it some realty cool projects came about. 

I had the opportunity to improve my free-motion quilting skills...

I was commissioned to make some very special quilts as gifts from others...

 A photo quilt that included the handprints, names and birth dates of grandchildren <3

  A T-shirt quilt for a Bronco fan

  A Queen-sized quilt as a wedding gift

  A memory quilt using t-shirts from a young ladies HS days. :)
...  And I had a block pattern published!


These are just a few blessings that we have encountered throughout the year.  Dave's shop was completed and his business has been steady and successful.  

I have spent enough time this year on what went wrong and want to approach 2014 with a new attitude of "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade"  or in my life as a quilter, "when life gives you scraps, make quilts!"  Make the most of what is handed you and sing praises (even in the storm)! 

So what will 2014 look like?  Stay tuned and see what it brings.  Happy New Year!

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