Friday, November 14, 2014

A year in review...

I was recently scrolling through my fb newsfeed and saw that next week is Quiltmaker's blog tour for their 10th volume of 100 Blocks.  It has been a year since I was published in their 8th volume.  A year!  All ready?!?!

It is also the time of year that I begin thinking about our annual Christmas newsletter.

So, what better time to think about and recall all that 2014 has brought our way?

The big things are obvious to us... The celebration of Heather's wedding in May, the arrival of our grand-daughter, Emma Noelle in August, the brave decision that our daughter, Rebecca, made to call off her engagement and upcoming wedding just 6 weeks prior to the big day, the 1 year anniversary of Nolan Quality Customs and a noticeable growth in my sales of quilts.

I have had lots of joyful, productive and happy times this year in my sewing room.  So far, I have completed 22 quilts, throw size or larger, not to mention the numerous smalls that I have done for the farmer's markets and shows.

As I wandered through my photo gallery of 2014 quilts (and stuff) I can associate the various projects with a season, and the gamut of emotions as I worked on them.  Some of my favorites...

Heather's and Art's wedding quilt had lots and lots of prayers stitched into it... prayers for a healthy marriage, partnership and friendship, joy, laughter and happiness... and many more

A block of the month project that had been abandoned by my aunt brought back many memories of my childhood and times with my cousins...

This Carpenter's Wheel, made with leftover blocks from another abandoned project that came from some friends that thought of me.  While I haven't known them long, Dave has known them for several years and I finally got to meet them in January.  It was a whirlwind weekend that was packed with fun and laughter, but I recalled and enjoyed the memories as I worked on this quilt.

Boobies Make Me Smile... what can I say?  This inception of this project came from my daughter, Rebecca, when we were shopping for sports T-shirts in September, though the "Boobies" shirt was one of the last ones we found.  As I stitched this one I recalled the too short of time spent with my Mother-in-law who lost her battle with breast cancer in April 1995.  As I sewed, I thought of so many questions I wish that I could ask her... I recalled many happy times together and, of course, shed a few tears over the loss and prayed for my girls that they would NEVER have the same battle.

And this very special baby quilt for my "Sweet 'Tater", Emma, with special messages of love from friends and family. Again a quilt stitched with lots and lots of love and prayers for her future (and a few for her mommy and daddy).

So, there you have it... It was a big year!  Lots has happened since the blog tour a year ago... and this little 12" block was at the start of it all.  If you want to read about the learning curve of creating this block check it out at

And see what other quilters are blogging about at

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