Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sewing Mends the Soul

I recently saw a picture that touched me.  It spoke to me... it fits me!  I certainly believe it!

Of course, it helps when the sewing machine is working properly!  Now I love my Babylock Serenade and I have learned that treating it nicely, not abusing it and caring for it properly is very important.

The other day I was caring for it... cleaning it.  It got a deep clean to get all of the lint out of the feed dogs and bobbin area.  I lubed it up.  It was feeling good!  And then, as I was sewing (and not paying attention) the top thread ran out. :'(  It was jammed and would not move.

I unplugged it and carried it out to Dave's shop for his assistance.  Within a few minutes we had the entire... I mean ENTIRE bobbin mechanism out of the machine!

At this point I was feeling quite anxious for the Serenade... Would we get it back together?  And would it actually work?  I may have appeared fairly calm, but inside I was panicking!  All I could think was "I am going to have take the machine to Pueblo for a repair and tune-up."  No big deal for most, but since the sewing machine technician is in a town 80 mile away and they take, on average, two weeks for the repairs, I was quite distraught.

Because, as the picture states "Sewing mends the soul".  

Well, we did get the machine back together and it did sew. Though it still needed a little adjusting.  My guy spent hours with me trying to get it just right and tweaking this way and that way trying to get its stitching to be "acceptable".  The longer we worked on it, the worse it seemed to be getting.  It didn't matter which direction we tweaked. 

In frustration, he stated "This is the last time.  If it still isn't right it will just have to be taken in for adjustment."  We reassembled on last time, set the machine into place, plugged it in and...

It was perfect!  Not a skipped stitch! Not a loose stitch!  Perfect! 

We looked at each other in amazement and smiled.  We have absolutely NO idea of what he did differently that last time.  It doesn't really matter, but it certainly leaves us very curious.  (I am certain that there will be a conversation with the technician when we do end up taking the Serenade in to the repair shop.)

So, for now... I'll be "mending my soul" as I prepare for the Farmer's Market on Saturday.

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