Monday, January 29, 2018

Elephant Parade

In the last post I mentioned my friend who was becoming a Great-grandma... Well, she is not only waiting for one little one to arrive... but TWO!

Eeyore is for the little girl... 

But there is a little boy that will soon be arriving as well!

When my friend and her husband were able to stop for a visit we discussed the design and layout of Eeyore & Pooh.  Once that was settled, we moved onto ideas for the little boy quilt...

We searched the baby registry - not much help there - and considered options... Dinosaurs?  Cars?  No... but blue was a must.  My friend mentioned that she had purchased a stuffed momma elephant that was hugging a baby elephant...

Okay!  I have used the PatchPals Elephant quilts I made last year...

She liked it, but it was too much of an adult elephant... 

I recalled that my friend Karen had been working on a family of elephants last year... I was on the hunt for it... I found the original pattern over at Sew Fresh Quilts by Lorna.  She did a sew-along in 2015...


Because, as I have mentioned before, I have a hard time following a pattern exactly, I modified my just a bit... I left out the frog and made a second  turtle since "Mimi" mentioned that she loved the turtle.  

And the red bird is perfect... 

See the source image

You see, the Grandma of this little guy passed away a few years ago.  Tracy had Multiple Sclerosis and in 2011 lost her battle with the disease and left behind four daughters.  I donated a few blocks in 2014 to Quiltblocks for MS.  They assembled the donated blocks into tops and then auctioned them. Never Forget tells more of Tracy's story...  

But what joy and giggles I can already hear when the Momma-to-be sees Elephant Parade!

I made it scrappy... go figure! But by doing so, each elephant developed it own personality.  A few of my favorites...

This news print baby is just the sweetest!

And this Paris print elephant with the love birds is so...  lovely!

And, of course, one of the turtles...

And because I had an extra baby elephant, I used it as the label...

So Mimi has the quilts and is ready to snuggle the great grand babies in quilts designed and stitched with love and prayer.

What is your preference?  
Scrappy or not scrappy?  
Leave a comment!  I love to hear from my readers.

Sew Happy,


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  1. I love the scrappy, especially Paris and the news print!

  2. Scrappy all the way for me. Both the quilts are sooo cute, but I will admit, Wnnie the Pooh and Eeyore is my favorite. I just love the Pooh Bear.

  3. Scrappy! I love the variety of color and the play of light and dark a scrappy quilt has. Congrats on two cute quilts! Those babies are just going to love these. Thanks for linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss!

  4. My friend thank you for being you and sharing our story on the quilts.