Saturday, October 14, 2017

Quilters Through The Generations - Alessia Harmon

The third grand-child of quilter Sue Harmon is Alessia Harmon, age 9. She may be young, but she is not be out done by her sister Julia  or cousin Johnny, both 12 years old.  Follow along as we wrap up the visit to the "Harmon Tree" of quilters...

Have YOU ever made a quilt?

Yes, I’ve helped make many quilts.  I have made 2 baby quilts, a wall hanging and a quilt for my American Girl doll by myself.

When I was 3 years old, I started by helping Grammie (Paternal Grandma, Sue Harmon) make quilts by sitting on her lap and pushing the foot pedal. 

She is the one that taught me to sew and quilt. I have made seven quilts so far. I used my first quilt as a rug.

Above, Alessia is enjoying some quilting time on 
Grammie's lap...  Sue noted that she was 
closely supervising since "it was my new machine."

Does your father quilt?

My Dad, Mark Harmon, made this quilt when he was in the 6th grade - 1984

You will notice that it has been well loved

Alessia and her older sister, Julia Harmon, worked together to make this baby quilt...  You just know that the quilt was made with care and filled with love... just look at the joy and pride on those little faces!

What is your favorite part of quilting?
The sewing of the quilts is my favorite part of quilting because it is fun. I get a lot of inspiration from books or my Grandma Sue.  I sleep with some of the quilts that I have made and I use them for my American Girl Doll.  I have given away the baby quilts.

Here Alessia is showing off the quilt she made for her cousin Garrett - Johnny's little brother.  You can catch the entire story of Johnny Pfaff here.  I have no doubt that Johnny's little brother will soon have his turn learning to sew on Grandma Sue's lap.

Alessia and Julia have an older brother, Parker Harmon (now age 14), as well.  Sue stated that he no longer seems to have time for quilting, but he has had his share of quilting time.  Sue shared these photos from 2011...

One thing I have noticed with all of the first projects that Grandma Sue has used to teach her grand children to sew and quilt is that they are small - they come together quickly so that the kids don't lose interest in the project.

I am sure all of you out there have more tips and suggestions for beginning quilters, no matter the age... 
Be sure to share in the comments!

Happy Quilting!


Photos courtesy of Tu-Na Quilts and Sue Harmon

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  1. Your quilts are wonderful, Alessia. I really enjoyed getting to read about what you have made today. :)