Saturday, September 30, 2017

Quilters Through the Generations - Julia Harmon

Featured today is Julia Harmon, age 12.  This young quilter belongs in the same tree as Sue Harmon.  Sue shared that she started sewing with her grand children at age 3 or 4.  So it only makes sense that young Julia would have made her first quilt at the tender age of seven. I'll let her tell the story...

Have you ever made a quilt?  

Yes, my Paternal Grandma, Sue Harmon taught me to sew and helped me start quilting.  My first project was a wall hanging made in 2012 - I was seven.  Grandma did the cutting, but I did the sewing. I still have it.

Does your mother or father quilt?
Yes, my dad, Mark Harmon, made a quilt when he was in 6th grade and tied it.

Here you can see that Mark's quilt has been well loved since 1984 and is showing some wear.  But, don't we all show some wear as the years pass???

Have you ever taught someone to quilt?  

Yes, my grandma needed volunteers to help with the Park Rapids Middle School after school quilting. I had taken the class for 2 years, so this year I helped teach. My favorite part of quilting is seeing the progress, it is fun and a great skill to have!

Here is an article from the Park Rapids Enterprise that was featured in 2012...

Quilters Teach Students Their Craft

Julia, as a student participating in the after school program in 2016, is here with volunteer, Joy Derr.

How many quilts have you made?
I have made 8-10 quilts and most of my inspiration comes from nature. My favorite block is the Friendship Star,  and my favorite quilt is a log cabin quilt that was made during the Civil War. It has fabric from soldier's uniforms. This quilt is my Dad's and has been passed down through the family.

Julia is proudly showing off her latest quilt with Grandma Sue.  If you haven't headed over to Tu-Na Quilts to see Karen's story about when they met during the Minnesota Quilt Shop Hop, you really need to go...

Be sure to come back to read about Sue's other grand-children!  They all have great talent and are fortunate to continue in the tradition of Quilters Through The Generations.

Tell me, when did you start sewing?
Was it through a school program?
Or was it at home with a parent or grand-parent?
Be sure to leave a comment to let me know...

Happy Quilting!


Photos courtesy of Tu-Na Quilts and Sue Harmon


  1. Great story! Loved to hear that Julia is working with and teaching others already. The art of quilting will continue!!

  2. This is awesome! Lovely to get to know you, Julia, and I loved seeing your work and reading your story. :)

  3. Awesome story! I taught myself to sew from reading and learning! Trial and error too!