Friday, November 4, 2016

Five Things Friday ~ #11

Some weeks don't go as planned... heck, some days don't go as planned!  This was one of those weeks filled with days that took an errant turn.  Yet, time and life continued on.  

#1) I was blessed to be able to spend a wonderful weekend with my Grand-daughters while their parents enjoyed a weekend away.  Though I must admit that the time with the girls would not have been possible without the help of my youngest daughter.  You see, Dave was out of town and I was not brave enough to  care for the two of them alone... though a friend pointed out and reminded me that I "used to do it all the time"... my response?  "I am out of practice and smarter now!" Haha!

Rebecca and tag-teamed the demands of these two quite well and we enjoyed the Mother-Daughter time together as well.


#2)  Is this not the most precious picture??? That look... melts my heart EVERY TIME.  Maggie Kay is now three months old... **sigh**

#3) I enjoyed time back in my sewing room and finished the "Psalm 23" wall hanging... It was so peaceful and calming... (you can read about the details of this project at the above link)

And then we received the news that a very dear friend's health was declining quickly (after a short illness that had been progressing, but was expected to turn around) and that he had been removed from dialysis and a ventilator would be removed the following day.  We quickly rushed to his wife's side to offer support and to say good bye to Dave.  

#4) As we recall our memories of 16+ years of friendship we can't help but smile...

He was a quiet guy... (unlike my husband - also in this picture) but his smile spoke volumes.  He knew how to have a good time, he had a compassionate heart and loved his God and his family.  We were blessed by his friendship... and we will miss him very much.

#5)  A special thank you gift arrived!  How exciting to see my block in the calendar... for the month of June, of course, because that is one of the more popular months for weddings.  I'll be part of the blog hop in a few weeks.  Watch for the post about my block "To Have and To Hold" on November 15 =D

Some weeks don't go as planned...   But even when the events of the week are unexpected or unwanted you can always lift your face to the sky and know that somehow God can make you smile... It is all about an attitude of gratitude.

Be Blessed,


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  1. Sorry you have lost a dear friend. I'm glad you have the reassurance that he is with his Lord. And as for the 3 month photo - so, so cute :-)