Friday, March 18, 2016

Put A Song In Your Heart

I am a quilter... And I am a woman... therefore, I piece and quilt with a strong tendency to the feminine side.... You know, "pretty" and sometimes "frilly".  

Quilting for children is easy because you can still use bright colors, kittens and puppies and such.  But I recently had the challenge of creating a couple quilts for some young men - the grandsons of a dear friend.  Both play guitar.  But they had begun their music lessons on the piano.  I needed something masculine for them and really didn't know where to start - other than I felt that nothing small or intricate.  After all men, like Tim Allen, like all thing bigger and faster, right?

I purchased "music" fabric just estimating how much I might need for the queen sized quilts.

Then I began searching for some "big blocks"... I ended up settling on two quick to assemble blocks, which made the quilt tops go together very quickly.

When they were ready for borders, I knew that the piano key fabric was needed. I felt it needed mitered corners for the best look... Mitered corners are not something that I do often, in fact, if completely honest, I avoid them!  I pulled out my reference that offered detailed instructions for them and moved forward.

I was pleased with result!

I chose an overall cross-hatch for the quilting... nothing fancy... remember, these are for male teens!  The final results...

It was a great compliment from my husband when he said, "I really like the look of these."  While they may not be among my personal favorites, I feel good that they are the best "masculine" quilts I have made.  Not once did I hear the word "pretty" to describe them... Funky, trippy and different were among the descriptions, but NOT pretty.  And I consider that successful!

Put a song in your heart and have a great day!



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