Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Rested and Refreshed!

It has been a good change... The deadline was met, the quilts delivered and then I took a few days off!

I have worked on a few small projects.  Bibs for stuffed animals with all the vital statistics for a baby - name, date of birth, weight and length...

They turned out super cute!  What do you think?

Oh, and I shortened some jeans for my Sweetie.  Yes, I do actually do something other than quilt!

I am preparing to begin a wall hanging that will be an anniversary gift.  It is really quite funny how this project came to be...

My husband is a gunsmith and working on a gun for a customer.  The customer had been looking on our web-site (Nolan Quality Customs).  On our home page there is a small button marked "Melva's Corner".  He inquired about getting a custom quilt... "I am giving your husband some business, so I figured I would get you busy too."

I received a rough sketch of what he was looking for... (aren't his artistic skills stellar?)

I will be piecing a few blocks, but I have a feeling there will be lots of applique. At least is only a wall hanging...  I'll be pulling out my Cricut and using some fancy die-cut letters for the writing.  

I am planning on using my Pieces of My Heart block to anchor the four corners (but in a 9" block rather than the original 12" block). And I think I will be creating some sort of intertwined rings block...

Stay tuned!  

Happy quilting!

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