Monday, June 9, 2014

Happy Monday!

Three separate groups of guests and two weddings over the past two weeks was super fun, but it is time to get "back to work".

I am nearly done with the quilting of the "manly" Miami Dolphins quilt.  Then I will be ready for the binding.

We had some severe weather in the past week.  Last night was heavy rain (1-1/2" in less than an hour) and hail.  The hail was "super-sized pea" size, but not quite golf ball sized.  The water was running through the yard and left about a two foot drift of hail at the fence between our property and the neighbor.  We took a short walk after the storm to assess damage down the road.  One neighbor's basement was flooded with 14" of muddy, messy water.

So this morning before I head into my sewing room I am thankful that our basement is dry and that we don't have to deal with an insurance claim.  Happy Monday!

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