Monday, January 27, 2014

Time to Re-group

Sometimes you just have to stop and re-group... 

I have recently finished up several projects and in my "quick clean-ups" and straightening I was just piling up the fabric and setting it in my closet.  While I have done this for more than a year, needless to say the closet was getting a little messy.  I was having a harder time finding fabric in the right colors and print sizes.  Some of the fabric was in the closet and some was in the cabinet downstairs.

This morning I was in just the right mood to re-organize and sort all of the fabric that has been collecting in the closet.  So... down it all went!

It all started out quickly with a few piles here and there...
and then the dog wanted to play in the middle of it all! 
She got scolded and then began pouting when the cat got curious and started investigating and didn't get yelled at...

  It all just got to be too much for me. 
I did manage to get it all sorted, and became excited that I found a few small scraps that I had forgotten about. It still needs a little more help.  All in all, I got the main goal I set out to do done!  But I still want to sort and fold a little better so that it all fits into the appropriate bins.
But not today...  Maybe another day, or, maybe(!) I just need to plan on making a log cabin quilt and use up the small strips and pieces that I found.  
Yeah... I think that's what I will do.  

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