Thursday, October 24, 2013

My cup runs over...

The phrase "My cup runs over" is a wonderful phrase and means that one is feeling abundantly blessed.  I am abundantly blessed!

But the other day I mentioned to Dave that it is somewhat of an unusual saying... Thinking back to when the girls were much younger and just learning to be independent, I remembered my frustration and, yes, even anger, when they wanted to be a "big girl" and pour their own milk or juice.  They hadn't quite figured out the timing of when to stop pouring and their "cup ran over". 

In those situations, it meant not just an abundance of liquid spilling over the edge of the cup, but a big mess for me to clean up.  Eventually, the girls learned the timing and they even learned about cleaning up the mess. 

How many times do our cups in life run over?  Dave had responded in the conversation about how the overflow can make a mess, but we just have to make sure that we surround ourselves with others who can mop up the extra blessings.  What a wonderful picture!

Is your cup overflowing?  Do you have others to absorb the extra blessings? I do. :)

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