Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Practice, practice, practice

For the past few weeks, I have "practiced" in participating in the Proverbs 31 on-line study"blog hop".  You see, I need the practice.  You may, or may not, recall that the whole reason I began this blog was so that I had something to put on the application when I submitted two blocks for the Quiltmaker 100 Block publication.

And, as you may or may not recall, I had one of the blocks be accepted for the publication.  The publication (100 Blocks, vol. 8) will go be available for sale on November 19th.  I will be participating in their blog tour that will take place between November 11-15.

I have been told that they will be sending some post ideas.  I look forward to receiving them and "entertaining" you as I share my love for quilting, my faith and how the two come together.  I recently read Marie Bostwick's book, Threading the Needle, and loved a statement in the story...

I doubt there are any books out there titled "Quilting taught me to Pray",
but maybe there should be. 
Praying and quilting has taught me that there's a little more to me,
and a lot more to life, than I had realized.
While I may not have any earth shattering ideas that will revolutionize or change the world, I do enjoy quilting and making the world a better and happier place with each quilt I complete - one piece at a time.

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