Friday, February 20, 2015

Itty Bitty, Teeny Tiny Growing Pains

I've not had a lot of time to spend in my sewing room this week... and I miss it!  I have been helping the college Foundation get ready for their annual fundraising dinner - an event I have always enjoyed helping plan and feel honored to be invited back each year to offer assistance wherever they may need it.

What little time I have had I  played with some "bitty baskets"... Here is a link to their blog that explains it all.  Quiltmaker's Blog

They suggest making 14-18 blocks.  These are itty-bitty pieces, folks!   The finished block is only 4"... And I only have three done. I still feel strongly that larger pieces/blocks are so much easier... but I am trying to expand my horizons and improve as a quilter.  After all, if you can make a 4" block nice and square, the 12" blocks will be all the better. Right?

Ugh!  However, on the bright side - The weather professionals are predicting that there is supposed to be a big storm moving in tonight and through the weekend.  Which means that I may have plenty of time to work on getting them done... just in time for the next installment of "bitty blocks" in March.

Stay warm and dry!  Happy quilting!

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  1. There's something mighty adorable about those little blocks, IMHO. But you're right, the larger blocks are easier to make.