Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fixing a Imperfection

No one is perfect... we have all heard the phrase.  The Amish quilt makers are humble people and many consider their quilts as close to perfect as possible.  I once heard that they will purposefully place an imperfection in their quilts. 

I don't go to that extent, but my most recent quilt had a small imperfection that was a result of my rushing to get it quilted.  Many would not notice it, but it was something that really bugged me. There was a pucker near the edge of the quilt.  Enough of one that would have been noticeable when I sewed on the binding.  It is difficult to see it in the picture but it is there...

Somewhere in my years of quilting I heard about a "fix" for the error.  I did a running stitch near the edge and gently, and ever so slightly, gathered the fabric so that it laid flat. 

NOW it is ready for the binding...

...and it lays flat with no puckers.

So, no one is perfect.  But with a few tricks and tips some imperfections can be hidden.

I don't quite agree with the statement on the quilt below, but it drives the point home. 

Unfortunately, I don't know who to credit for the picture below... but it is cute!
I, for one, am grateful that the pressure of being perfect is one that I don't worry about (much) anymore.  I do, however, give it my best effort.  So, next time you have a little pucker in the quilting... don't sweat it - try to blend it or work in.  Happy Quilting!

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