Monday, November 11, 2013


I have been waiting for over a week to receive some t-shirts in the mail that will eventually become a T-shirt quilt.  I had wanted to have the quilt done before the show this weekend.  There was a delay in getting them shipped... no big deal.  When I had received a message on Friday that they went out, I looked forward to receiving them on Monday.

In the meantime I continued working on projects to add to my inventory... some fall/Thanksgiving placemats. 

I remembered on Monday morning that it was Veteran's day... how could I not? It was all over facebook!  So I spent the morning working on the placemats for as long as I could, ran off to Bible study and looked forward to the mail delivery right after lunch. 

And then I remembered that it's Veteran's day... no mail delivery. So the delivery of the Bronco shirts was delayed yet again. :( 

So, I took advantage of the opportunity to actually enjoy sewing the placemats (instead of rushing through them) and using the many decorative embroidery stitches that my machine has. The end result?

I am thankful for the delay and the enjoyed my afternoon.

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  1. Well, since I only deccorate for Christmas, that would be the one. Love the scrappy block. svonfumetti(at)yahoo(dot)com