Monday, August 2, 2021

Tuesday To-Do Linky Party

If you are looking for the Tuesday To-Do Linky Party, you are in the right place!  Chris Knits is off enjoying vacation and has temporarily passed the torch to me...

As Roseanne says over at Home Sewn By Us, Gladys Taber wrote, “Contentment is a list with half of it crossed off.”

So here's where I am with my to-do list...

✔  Memory quilt...  

✔  Cake Walk quilt... this was the Dresden/Sun Bonnet Sue quilt for a customer.  

I bounced back and forth so many times between these two quilts I feel like a pinball!  It all depended on how large of a block of time I had and what I felt like I could get done...  

As I waited for the fabric to arrive for the Memory quilt I finally had a full plan for the Cake Walk quilt. 

I quilted in a cabbage rose-ish type of design in the grey circles and some sunflower-ish petals on the Dresden blocks.  The SB Sue girls got outlined... 

At this point the borders were on the memory quilt and backing fabric had arrived.  

Once it was sandwiched with Hobbs' fusible Heirloom batting I started marking for the jumbo Baptist fans...

With the markings done...

The Sue blocks still need something... maybe a couple more cabbage roses?  

Since I had no ideas I decided I would quilt the jumbo Baptist Fans on the memory quilt...

And then the idea hit me early on Sunday morning!

Ooooh, cabbage roses connected with vines and leaves creating a pretty "frame"...  It was the perfect solution!

So Monday morning I suddenly found myself faced with two quilts ready for binding!  Woohoo!

I knocked out the two items I had on my list from last week... wow!  That was a close one!

I will be burying thread tails as I binge on Netflix...  getting these quilts ready for an official photo shoot and shipping them to their forever homes.

Dave is going scouting in a few hunting areas he got a license for with a friend for the next few days and while he is gone I will be...

❧ helping a friend learn how to do Foundation Paper Piecing

❧I'll be stitching in the evening on the soaring bird and big horn sheep blocks as I enjoy the Olympics.  

❧During daytime hours I need to work on a wall hanging for a new Mom at church.  The nursery has a western theme so I think I will be making a cowboy boot block with some pretty pink paisley fabric.

Now it is your turn!  How did you do on your To-do list???  

Stay Pieceful!


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  1. Thanks for taking over the hosting duties today! Those are two beautiful quilts you're working on there. Good luck on this week's list!

  2. Thank you for subbing in today! Love the Dresdens!

  3. Thanks for hosting today. Lovely quilting, Melva.
    Good luck with your list for this week.

  4. The cabbage roses are really pretty.

  5. Thanks for taking over the To-Do Tuesday for this week. Looks like you had great success on your list. I enjoy your blog, I've bookmarked you now!

  6. Melva...thanks for subbing. I am not sure I added my blog post correctly!

  7. Melva thanks for hosting! Your quilts are so pretty, not sure I could give them up. ;)

  8. Thank you for stepping in this week. :)

  9. Absolutely too cute! I really like both quilts! I seem to be technologically challenged today as I could not link up to the party. I will enjoy visiting a few party goers though! Take good care!

  10. You are so awesome to host the party this week! Thank you!