Saturday, November 27, 2021

Pieces of the Santa Fe Trail Assembly

The time has  come to assemble the quilt top!!!

Fabric Requirements that had been provided back in June:

*12 fat quarters, plus a yard of unbleached muslin to piece the blocks for piecing the blocks
*1 additional FQ for cornerstones
*1 yard for sashing strips
*1/3 yard unbleached muslin – I had enough from my original 1 yard 
*1/2 yard blue border
*Scrappy border – I used the remnants of the 12 FQ or the blocks
*Binding – 1/2 yard for a 1 color binding

In summary, I worked with 12 FQ, 1 yard unbleached muslin, a total of 3 yards of a neutral print fabric for the sashing strips and backing and 2 yards of a bright blue for a border and backing.  I pieced the backing to make it work.

Cut 20 - 2-1/2" squares From 1 FQ for cornerstones
Cut 4 - 4-1/2" squares from the same FQ for the final border corners
Cut 11 - 2-1/2" strips - sub-cut into 31-12-1/2" sashing strips

Layout 4 rows with 3 blocks each.
  Feel free to rearrange as you desire until you find a pleasing and balance arrangement.  

I find it helpful to take pictures to help identify anything that might look out of place.  You want your eyes to move easily over the layout.  If there is one block that my eyes repeatedly, I try a new layout.

Join the rows of blocks with a sashing strip between each block.  Make the rows of sashings  with cornerstones and place between the rows of blocks.

First border (1/3 yard):  Cut 5 strips 1-1/2" wide.  Join strips together.  Sub-cut to make 2 strips 58-1/2" long.  Sew to the sides.  Cut 2 strips 48-1/2" long.  Join to the top and bottom.

Second border (1/2 yard):  Cut 3 strips 2-1/2" wide, join together and sub-cut to make 2 - 60-1/2" long borders.  Attach to the sides.  Cut 3 strips 3" wide.  Join together and sub-cut to make 2 - 46-1/2" long borders.  Sew to top and bottom.

Using assorted fabrics remaining from the blocks, cut 46 - 4-1/2" x 5" rectangles.

Join together 13 rectangles (seams on the 4-1/2" sides of the rectangles)  for each side and 10 rectangles for the top and bottom borders.  Add a 4-1/2" square to each end of the top and bottom scrappy borders.

Your top is now ready to be sandwiched and quilted.

Quilt as desired.  I used a hanging diamond grid with the lines 1-1/2" apart.  This is a simple, vintage style, utilitarian quilting.  Something that may have been seen on the trail.

Binding (1/2 yard):  Cut 7 - 2-1/2" strips.  Join together and press in half.  I you are a beginning quilter you can find details about binding techniques here.

Be sure you come back on December 16th for a final post about Marion & Richard and their lives in Stonewall, Colorado and one final pattern to create a label for your quilt.

The linky party for finished quilts will be with the final block and open until December 31st.  There is a special give away opportunity for those that join the quilt parade with a finished top... unfortunately, it is available to US addressed only. :(  Sorry.  But I do hope that everyone internationally will still share!  

Keep Piecing,


Did you miss out on the story of Marion Sloan Russell and her travels along the Santa Fe Trail?  You can find all of the excerpts on the Sew Along Announcement (links below).  Pattern links are in each story.  Patterns have a nominal cost of $2 each.

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Block 7 - August 12 ~ Prairie Flowers
Block 8 - September 2 ~ Grandmother's Block
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Block 10 - October 14 ~ Wagon Trail
Block 11 - November 4 ~ New Mexican Star
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Block 13 - December 16 ~ Label 


  1. What a pretty quilt finish, Melva! I need to get my last block done, but haven't had time to sew lately! Can't wait to put mine together!

  2. Your quilt is beautiful! Thank you for the patterns!

  3. Such a pretty quilt and the perfect photo place! I enjoyed the story with each block.

  4. Another lovely finish in beautiful fabrics.